Wednesday, January 25, 2012

DH the Woodturner

Dh has been wood turning again. He finally got his shop set up so he could get back into woodturning and he has been having a good time with it. He used some small scraps to make little bowls I can use to make pin cushions. He also had a chunk of walnut he got from a friend so he turned this bowl out of some of it to give to the friend who gave him the wood. It's one of the prettiest bowls he has done. I'm hoping that by the time the fair rolls around he will have a couple made to enter. He also makes pens and key chains.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Snow Storm

Well, after all the build up from the weatherman we have about an inch of snow on the ground. It is now a rain snow mix and already starting to melt. Around here it is a relief not to have piles of snow. It would be ideal as far as I'm concerned if it only snowed on the grass and left the roads open. They got a lot more snow in WA than we did here in Rupert.
So today instead of quilting I have played Words With Friends with my sister on Facebook and now I'm knitting dishcloths. I may even get a binding on a quilt this evening while we watch tv. Stay warm I'll be back soon.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Winter is Arriving After All

According to the weatherman snow will finally be arriving here in the Magic Valley tomorrow morning. We should expect 3 to 8" of snow and then by Thursday morning we will see rain. I think I will sew or put more fabric away.
I have been working on the Cheddar Challenge from . These are the blocks I have done so far. I'm not sure how they will finally go together and I'm not sure how many I will get made. I'm also working to get things finished this year. We'll see what kind of a track record I create.
Well, it's time for Murder She Wrote so I'll sign off for now and keep you updated tomorrow on our winter.

Monday, January 2, 2012

2012 UFO Challenge

This year I have decided that I will join the UFO Challenge on Patchwork Times. I have enough projects for two years that I know of, but we'll just start with 12 for this year. So here is my list:
1. Connecting Threads kit After Hours Barn Raisning-needs made, quilted, and bound.
2. CT Barn Raising Log Cabin- needs made,quilted and bound.
3. CT Cottage Lane- needs made, quilted and bound.
4. CT Bradford Skies- needs made, quilted and bound.
5. CT Sweet Bee Baby Quilt- needs quilted and bound.
6. Log Cabin Christmas Quilt Top-needs quilted and bound.
7. Scrap flour sack top- needs quilted and bound.
8. R&W snowball quilt-needs binding
9. Flannel Christmas Lap Quilt-needs binding
10. Lone Star Quilt-needs to be made and quilted.
11. Finish RRCB-needs blocks finished, quilted and bound.
12. Batik Lasagna Quilt-needs quilting and binding.
Anyone else want to join in the fun? Keep your fingers crossed that I can get them all done while I finish unpacking and putting away the rest of the fabric still in boxes. Not to mention the other Connecting Threads kits I have hidden somewhere. With this move I have learned it is possible to have to much fabric. Never thought I would say that much less admit it in public.