Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Wee Small Hours of the Morning

Did you stay up last night to watch the eclipse? I did and for awhile the night sky was clear enough to see it.

Just starting
Not quite half way
Unfortunately, by the time it was in the blood red stage it had moved behind some wispy clouds and my camera wouldn't pick it up at all. At that time I gave up and went to bed.
Other news around the homestead. Dh has been hard at work getting his stage ready for it's debut. His music making friends are due to break it in on the 26th of April. We will be grilling hot dogs and hamburgers and I will make potato salad and we'll see what other food delights show up. Now if the weather will just be a real spring day without a lot of wind or rain everyone should have a good time.
I'm off to work in the quilt room. Have a couple of quilts to get made
and sent off in the mail. Happy Tax Day.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Your laugh for today

Have you ever seen dehydrated chicks? Just add water and you get

baby chicks. The magician is Michael Carbonaro. Enjoy. If it were

only that easy.

 Click here: #.UTwOkqWVdOQ

Monday, March 31, 2014

Design Wall Monday

I'm joining up with Patchwork Times  on her Design Wall Monday Post. Accuquilt came out with some new dies fall of 2013 and the Hunter Star was one of them. I've never made a Hunter Star quilt before so decided to try out the die. It took me about 40 minutes to cut out the pieces for 12 blocks. It works really well and goes together easily.
Just when you think spring may be here you get something like this:
We woke up yesterday morning snow. It was a heavy wet snow and by afternoon it was all gone and we had rain. Today is overcast with more rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I knew I shouldn't have washed windows last month it was just asking for trouble.
I'm off to find something for borders for the Hunter Star Quilt. Soon as taxes are done I should be around more often. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Quick Visit

Just wanted to stop in and let you know I'm still here. Have once again gotten over a sinus infection and bronchitis and have been playing in the sewing room. Accuquilt came out with some new dies last year and I tried out the Hunter Star die this last week. Having never made this quilt, but having quilted many for other people, it was a nice surprise to see how easy it is to put together. If you have an Accuquilt product I would recommend this die. Next I am trying scraps and I'll let you know how I like that look.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A Give Away Keepsake Quilting

I just found out about a giveaway over at Keepsake Quilting that will end on the 28th of February. It has some really nice prizes and you can do one entry a day. You can enter Here . They have 3 very nice prizes and say they will have at least 50 winners.

On Wednesday evening we had a glorious sunset. The picture doesn't begin to show it. Everything was painted a golden color. You can see this tree looking out the dining room window. It is across the canal in the neighbors yard it was a lovely golden color.

Finally figured out what was causing the problem with the quilting machine. I had put a new needle in and it just made a mess of the quilting. Found some of the needles I thought I was out of, put one in and it quilts like a charm once again. It sure puts me out of sorts when the machine acts up. So now I have to catch up on my UFO Challenge to myself and get two quilts finished in a week so I can start working on March. It's really sad when you give yourself a challenge and then fall down right away. We'll see if I'm up to getting January and February finished by the end of the week. If you challenged yourself this year how are you doing.  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Winter Has Arrived

Now that we are half way through winter she has decided to get serious. This is our snowfall the last two days with more forecast.
Nothing like what is happening in the Midwest and East coast, but still needed here. The wind is picking up so I'm sure that this dry snowfall will probably start to drift. It is a gray and white day and for once the mountain isn't visible.

It makes me want to curl up with a good book on the kindle and a hot cup of tea with a quilt on my lap and maybe a cat or two. Hope you are all safe and warm.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Squeaker Reclaiming his territory and Design Wall Monday

A couple of days ago I caught Lucy up on the cat tree. Until the last few weeks the only cat to climb the stand was Squeak. Then Lucy started sitting on the first perch. Then one day she was on the second one. A couple of days ago I looked up and she was on the top one just quietly enjoying herself.

Squeaker was in the sunroom for a time out. I wish I'd had my camera ready when he saw Lucy up on what he considers to be his Cat Tree. His face registered such disbelief.  He wasted no time climbing up there to claim his territory. He really wasn't happy about someone else in what he considers to be his space. 
I've managed to get some sewing done and a bit of knitting. I've been working on a Scrappy Mini Trips quilt you can find the pattern here Quiltville . Unlike Bonnie I didn't plan where to sew the strips I just put them together at random. It's fine with me I'm using up 2.5" strips and that was the goal. So far I have 15 blocks done and I think I'll make some more just not sure how many yet.
I have this quilt in the machine, but I am going to have to rip out the quilting because something isn't right and it's a mess. Quilts is still pretty though. It is one done like the Jelly Roll Race on Youtube . That's pretty much what is happening here. What's happening where you are?