Monday, February 3, 2014

Squeaker Reclaiming his territory and Design Wall Monday

A couple of days ago I caught Lucy up on the cat tree. Until the last few weeks the only cat to climb the stand was Squeak. Then Lucy started sitting on the first perch. Then one day she was on the second one. A couple of days ago I looked up and she was on the top one just quietly enjoying herself.

Squeaker was in the sunroom for a time out. I wish I'd had my camera ready when he saw Lucy up on what he considers to be his Cat Tree. His face registered such disbelief.  He wasted no time climbing up there to claim his territory. He really wasn't happy about someone else in what he considers to be his space. 
I've managed to get some sewing done and a bit of knitting. I've been working on a Scrappy Mini Trips quilt you can find the pattern here Quiltville . Unlike Bonnie I didn't plan where to sew the strips I just put them together at random. It's fine with me I'm using up 2.5" strips and that was the goal. So far I have 15 blocks done and I think I'll make some more just not sure how many yet.
I have this quilt in the machine, but I am going to have to rip out the quilting because something isn't right and it's a mess. Quilts is still pretty though. It is one done like the Jelly Roll Race on Youtube . That's pretty much what is happening here. What's happening where you are?


Teri said...

I want to make this sometime soon (this year). Yours is great.

Karen Rowland said...

I'm finishing up a scrappy trip quilt too. They are such scrap busters. Yours looks great.

Jill said...

Looks great! Good for Lucy, haha wish, I could have seen that.