Friday, June 12, 2009

More Pictures from Idaho

While we were in Idaho we went to an Estate Sale and purchase this solid Oak dining table with 5 chairs. It is in very good shape and we are quite please to get it since we have been looking for quite awhile for one. Now to find an Oak China Hutch.

We also learned the ins and outs of flood irrigation. It is definately a learning process to get the water where you want it to go. This is how they do it in the field next door. I don't suppose we could afford the same set up for our 3+ acres.
Next post I'll post some pictures of Memorial Day in the Rupert Square.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Wasn't that a line in a nursery rhyme? We arrived back in WA on Sunday night to record temps for this time of year, only to discover that the air conditioning wasn't working. It has been a long 4 days of heat and trying not to move to much. Today we have cloud cover and much cooler temps.

Our trip to ID went very well traveling the first time with 3 cats. We stopped in Boise for the night going down. The girls were restless and jumpy but otherwise they did okay. Lucy found a place where she thought she was hidden.

All three cats were really glad when we arrived at the new house. Took them about 3 days to settle down. Lucy was still having a little trouble feeling secure when I found her in the bathtub. Emma made herself comfortable after a couple of days while Rosie took a little longer.

We managed to get a door put into the room where I will be quilting. Before you had to go down the stairs into the shop and then go upstairs to get into the room. It had no doors or windows in it. We've added a door so once we get the sun room finished I'll be able to go from the house through the sun room directly into the quilt room. I'll be able to show you pictures once we get a couple of windows put in there is no light at the moment. We have to finish the wiring, put in insulation, drywall, then paint and put down a floor.

The good looking man (DH) is on his way to NC for his 45th high school reunion on the 12th. He will then go to Pittsburgh to see the grandkids and daughter unit. He took my older camera so hopefully he will remember to take lots of pictures. When he returns we load up the truck and head back to ID to get some of the work done so we can finish up with the moving.

Sorry this is so long, but couldn't post any pictures from the library computer. I've noticed that I have 102 posts but my give away will have to be a bit later on. Once I have been able to unpack I'll be able to have a giveaway so I'll keep thinking on it so it will be extra special and you keep checking to see when it happens.
Now I'm off to the quilt store and the knit shop while I am on my own and unsupervised.