Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What's New this Week

In the last week I have quilted 3 quilts. I've also decided that this fall I am going to make a Maple Leaf quilt. Every year I think of one when I see the leaves starting to turn so this year I am going to make one or maybe two. The first quilt I did this week was this one made with fall colors. I used the pantograph pattern called fall reward on it. The next one is for the same lady made with Christmas fabrics. Then today I did this one for a lady using her cat pattern to quilt it, and she used mouse fabric for the back and she cut out one mouse and put it on the front of the quilt watching all the cats.

Have another very busy pinwheel quilt to get done and one I am doing for a friend who is a BIG Packers fan.

I am planning on going to Innovations on Friday to see the quilts and the vendors. Superior Threads will be there so I can buy some thread to add to my quilting colors. Really like the So Fine thread they sell.

We are having some sunshine today, but by tomorrow it will be raining again in the afternoon. Well, guess I'd better watch a program I taped the other night so I can record some show while we watch the debate tonight.

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Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

What lovely quilts!

I am celebrating my 100th post by giving away a dressing table. Come take a peek.