Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Click for Babies

Happy August I am coming up for air once again. I hadn't intended to be quiet this long but as life sometimes does we were thrown an unexpected surprise in June when we went for our 6 months health check ups. The end result is my DH had Open Heart Surgery on 12 July so I have been busy taking care of him. He is doing much better and I am able to spend some time sewing now which I really needed it is my therapy. I did manage to get this finished and ready to deliver.

Tomorrow I am making some dill pickles and some bread and butter pickles. So that is it for now I have some time to go sew for awhile maybe I'll be able to post pictures of what I am doing in the next couple of days.

Oh the reason for the headline:

Saw this online and thought I'd pass it on in case anyone is interested in doing this. If you do let me know so we can post pictures of what you got done.

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