Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring Comes and Goes

Is your spring as confused as ours? You never know what to expect weatherwise here. Makes life interesting.

On the second of April Dh had his music making friends over to play music. It turned into a lovely spring day and you'd never know we had 12" of snow just 3 days before. We had a new couple come he sings and she plays the guitar. We started the afternoon with lunch and the music began.  I listened for a couple of hours and then went into the house to read. Echo had a great day. He met lots of new people and they gave him lots of attention. He stayed in the shade and just enjoyed the company and the afternoon. We always have a good time when the music makers visit.

Were you aware that Accuquilt is sponsoring a Block Contest with $13,000 worth of prizes? ACCUQUILT BLOCK CONTEST this link will take you to the blocks entered and you can vote once a day until the 22 of April. I had planned to enter the contest until I read the rule that said, "Blocks entered become the property of Accuquilt". Normally that would be okay with me except I had made a block of one of my (read about them here) Quilt Bugs to enter. I decided I didn't want to enter my block so I'll just plan to make something else next year and keep the Quilt Bug block I designed to put in a quilt one of these days. If you get the chance do go and vote there are only 147 blocks entered. It will give you practice for next year when I enter. lol
That's pretty much what is new here for the moment.

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