Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Welcome to Idaho

The weather this year has been confused here in Southern Idaho. One week we have pleasant weather and 50 -60 degrees and then one morning the end of March you wake up to this:

Last night we had winds so strong the house shook and they picked up this 10 x 20' storage cover and placed it on top of the house. The good part (I think) of all of this is the Winter Storm Warning is supposed to be from Midnight last night to noon today and then it is supposed to rain and this should all be gone by tomorrow. The weather man got the first part right I'm just hoping the second part is also correct. After tomorrow we are supposed to have actual spring mid sixties. I sure hope so I am way past ready..

On another note on the 16th of March we added a new member to our family. Several years ago while we were stationed in Japan we acquired a Japanese Shiba Inu which the whole family grew to love dearly. We lost her to pancreatic cancer after 10 years. Since then we have often said if we could find another dog like Schatzie we'd get one again. The lady who used to cut my husbands hair at the Beauty School (a couple of years ago) one day was telling him about her new dog and how sweet he was and then mentioned that he was a Shiba Inu. Dh told her about Schatzie and said if she knew where to get one or heard of a Shiba Inu needing a home we would be interested. Fast forward to 2 weeks ago. Dh received a phone call from the lady saying were we still interested in a Shiba Inu she had just had a baby and needed to find a good home for her dog. Needless, to say we went over the next day to meet the dog and said yes we would love to have the dog so on March 16th Echo came home with us. He is a sweetheart and he is getting used to us. He is eager to see me every morning when we go for our walk and loves to play with his hedgehog stuffed toy. Treat is his favorite word. He's met the cats, they are not happy with the idea of having a dog and have said so quite loudly. He goes to the quilt room with me and wants to smell whatever fabric I'm working with and then lays down and takes a nap while I sew. I'm really glad he is here. It will be nice to have him when Dh has to travel.
Sorry I was absent so long I'll try to do better about staying in touch. Now that the Schedule C part of taxes are done I've been getting some sewing done so I should have pictures soon of what I have been doing. 

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Julie said...

We had 10" of snow a week ago today and the wind was horrific. Knocked over trees and knocked out power. We had a snow day off school. Today was 55 and sunny! Strange weather in the same state! My daughter will be passing by your area tomorrow, traveling between Utah and Boise. She does the second half of the trip the next day with two little kids.