Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Have you Been Wondering Where I Am?

It's been one of those summers. I had surgery on my left eye the 31st of July to remove cataracts and on my right on the 4th of September. So my long distance vision is wonderful and bright the close up not so good. I am waiting for glasses that let me use the long distance and be able to see close up. Right now I'm using readers for close up and while they help they leave a lot to be desired.

Almost no quilting was done during this since I couldn't see to sew, cut, measure and so on.  At the same time we were (my husband and some friends) replacing the sunroom roof which took longer than expected because we had a storm system come through and when it was gone temperatures went back up into the 90's so it put a kink in how much time could be spent on the roof. However, it is done and very nicely to,
but the best part is it doesn't leak anymore.

While the roof work was being done I cooked lunch for them and managed to put binding on this jelly roll quilt top. It's really bright and cheerful.  It surprised me, but DH really likes the quilt. Usually he says he can hear the busy ones coming.

I've also been working on this sweater for the #1 daughter. It's a pretty easy know so hopefully I'll be able to get it finished soon. I'll try to get a better picture soon.
Tomorrow I'm making plum jelly and we have grapes we need to do something with so I'll probably be making some grape jelly also. I'll try to post more often now that it is easier to see.

p.s. Today is our 48th Anniversary.  He told me to stick with him and he would show me the world. I did and he did. Happy Anniversary you good looking man.


Podunk Pretties said...

Glad your getting back to normal. Happy belated anniversary! My parents share the same date, they too have been married 48 yrs. I've got 2 yrs to plan for a big party!

Jill said...

Oh great update! People think I'm crazy, but Jellyroll quilts are my favorite! The roof looks awesome, we need to come see it. ...and you. :) I hope your eyes are better than ever, soon.

Marg said...

Forty-eight years is definitely an accomplishment! So proud of you two. Nothing to shake a stick at. :o)