Thursday, April 24, 2014

What I've Been Doing

I've been busy making a Trip Around The World Quilt as a gift for one of my son's friends. He married a couple of months after Kyle's wedding last August and I said I would make them a wedding quilt. I'm also working on a wedding quilt for my daughter who married in January this year. Pictures of that soon.

Today I was trying to clean up around the quilt room and came across some Preprinted tops that need borders and quilting - 14 of them:
I also found tops that need borders added, some that just need quilting and one that just needs binding. There are 37 of these. Some are wall hangings, most of them are lap quilt size or bed size so I'll be busy for awhile:
There are a couple of quilts in there from Bonnie's mysteries. Double Delight and Easy Street that need borders and quilting. Soon hope to have RRCB into top form and added to the list. I'll be busy for quite some time. These are just the ones I have found so far. Are you as behind as I am?


Gail said...

Yes I am as far behind as you are! Just another thing we have in common... lots of UFO's.

Jill said...

Oh i really like te quilt in the top picture. Love the colors!