Thursday, October 3, 2013

How I Believed In Myself

Over at Jo's Country Junction she is having a give away for a sweepstakes drawing for a $50 Visa Card and a BlueRay Combo Pack for Monster's University. If you'd like to enter check out her blog with the details.


I'm a quilter and a machine quilter and one day, in 1993,  while catching up on reading my quilting magazines I had one of those light bulb minutes where and idea just pops into your mind. The more I thought about the idea the more excited I became about it, and as luck would have it I was home alone with no one to share my excitement. When my husband came home I excitedly told him about my idea and how I thought it would sell. He agreed that he thought I should do this and encouraged me to go with it. I had an idea of what I wanted my design to be, but not being able to draw more than stick figures I had my daughter give it a try. She sent me what she had drawn and while it was in the ball park it wasn't quite right. So I took her drawings and my idea over to see my B-I-L Richard. Richard is really good with Corel Draw and he started putting shapes together and after a couple of hours of playing around we came up with a design that looked like the picture in my mind.  I took the drawing and started looking at how to get the design made and how much would it cost. I finally found a place in Wisconsin to work with. It still took me a couple of years to get up the courage to spend the money, but in 1996 I finally placed an order.

I designed with Richard AND Margaret's help and my family's encouagement  a QUILT BUG lapel pin and these are my -

 I really get excited when I am at a quilt show and see someone wearing one of my pins it is such a rush. I used to watch the quilting shows on tv and one Saturday Kaye Wood did a program on all the pins you collect and how to display them. Right there on tv sat my first quilt bug in the center of all her pins. Again I was home alone and no one to share with. Unfortunately, I couldn't record it right now like we can today so I could show them when they came home. That's okay I saw it and I can't even describe how good it made me feel. So I would urge you to follow your dreams. If there is something you really want and believe in go after even if it takes you awhile to get there the rewards are worth it.

So now I have to ask you Have you been bitten by the QUILT BUG? If so don't you think you should have one or six to wear or give as gifts to your quilty friends?
If you've been bitten by the QUILT BUG and would like to win a set of my pins leave a comment here to let me know you entered the sweepstakes and a link to your blog page with your entry post. I'll draw a name on the 31st of October.

So would you like a chance to win a $50 Visa Gift Card and a Monsters University Blu-ray Combo Pack?

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Carolyn Sullivan said...

OMG those are so cute! I did leave a post on Jo's web page, saw your blog post and read your post. SO cute!
I have no original ideas though.