Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Early Christmas

Today Christmas came early at our house. I'd rec'd an email earlier in the week from the Daughter Unit saying be looking for a box with an early Christmas Present. Since for the last several years we've always told the Kids we want nothing we already have everything we were wondering what would show up. This afternoon Fedex delivered a box which was to heavy to be nothing. Meet Neato.

After unpacking Neato we sent him to the charger for about 3 hours. About 4:30 I thought I'd turn him on and see what happened. He's louder than I thought, but very interesting to watch. Neato came out of the starting gate and Squeak immediately went over to see what was this noisy thing.

Meanwhile, Lucy and Emma were trying to figure out what was it doing, were they safe where they were, and how to hide from it. Emma hid in the corner until she could out run it.

 Squeak didn't trust it so he was keeping an eye on it as long as it didn't turn around and come after him.
P.S. See the nice new laminate floor the Daughter Unit and The Soon To Be Son In Law Helped to do.

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