Monday, July 1, 2013

Squeak and Cantaloupe

When I cut up some cantaloupe a couple of weeks ago Squeak was in the kitchen standing on his hind legs reaching for the counter and tapping me quite firmly on the leg. He wanted some cantaloupe. I thought it was his, whatever you have I want some too, attitude.  I raised him since he was 4 weeks old so he really thinks he should have whatever I am eating or drinking. The one thing we both really like is cantaloupe so when I again cut some up this morning he wanted his right now.
He cleaned his plate and was looking around for more. So I'm sure that tonight he'll be in my lap trying to get his head in my bowl. 
Do you have an animal who thinks he should have whatever you are having no matter what it is?


QuilterMary said...

How funny! Our kitties do not like any people food, except ice cream.

Beth Kinder said...

My dog Cocoa (chocolate lab) eats everything we eat. She love's all fruits and vegetables no matter what kind. She gets her own ice cubes out of the freezer door dispenser and when she wants a doggie ice cream she stands in front of the freezer door growling/barking/whining until I get up to get one for her. She takes it from me and immediately goes to her bed and eats it.

Lyn said...

I have a dog that will eat anything but you can tell how yummy it is by how much chewing it takes: bananas take a lot of chewing to get down, and meat takes no chewing at all.