Monday, June 17, 2013

The Stage

Dh taught himself to play the guitar when he was a teenager. The song he learned first was Hang Down Your Head Tom Dooley. To this day his family have trouble listening to that song. However, that being said,  they love to hear him play. He has added banjo, and piano and is working on a couple of other things to play. So earlier this year he decided he was going to build a stage in the backyard where he and his like minded friends could sit on a summer's day and make some music. This weekend the work began.
He and our neighbor (a guitar player) started working. Then there was break time:
Then I was called out to take a picture of the progress on the stage. They still need a step, debating a roof or not and talking about painting it.
So it hasn't all been break time there has been work happening so they are down to the finishing touches and:
Break Time.

The Baptism.


Podunkpretties said...

Pickin and a grinnin! Aint nottin like it! My family would be there in a minute to join in!

Gail said...

Did they see any red trees, or houses while building? I feel pretty privileged to be only the third person to play a guitar on the new stage! Good work guys!

Jill said...

Look's great. You should have a barbeque and invite us. I'd love to hear your hubby play again, and I wouldn't mind some of his barbeque either. ;)