Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Dance on Easy Street

Finally, thanks to my friend Gail I am able to post a picture on the blog. For those having the same problem and haven't figured it out yet this is what I did. When you are in new post and click on insert image and that screen comes up over on the left in the upper corner you see Compose  and HTML. Click on html and it will let you get a picture from your computer. When you go back to new post screen click on Compose and your image displays and you can type what you want to say. Why it's become this cumbersome to post an image I don't know, but at least it is now working.
Now the Easy Street part. This is the corner of my Easy Street which is now in a top without borders, but I haven't taken a picture of the whole thing yet. I will get borders on it as soon as it warms up here in Southern Idaho (see header picture). It has been very cold here since Christmas and my quilt room is heated by a heat pump which doesn't work once it gets this cold.
Update: Now have it in top form needs borders.
I am so excited that I can once again post pictures.


regan said...

Your Easy Street looks great! What is your plan for borders? I'm still deciding on mine!

FYI....your header picture is quilt right now! I think you had a snow scene when you wrote this, yes?

Candace said...

It's lovely. Can you bring a portable machine into your house to sew. Hope it warms up for you.

Gail said...

So we both learned something new today. I investigated the no-reply blogger and not only changed my settings so that I am not a "no-reply blogger", but also found out I am not a new blogger, which is so confusing because I am quite sure that I am a "new" blogger!

Amy said...

Oooo.... it is going to be so lovely!

Anonymous said...

That sounds very complicated! I just click the photo icon when I'm in a new post and I can choose photos from my computer in one easy step. Your Easy Street is looking great.

swooze said...

Ah thanks for the blogging tip!!