Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What I'm Reading

Over on Patchwork Times Judy Laquidara is having a link up for what you are reading. Since I got my Kindle Fire I've been reading all my books on it and this is the the one I am currently reading. It is from her Dundee, Idaho series. I've always been a reader, but I'm reading all the time since I got the Kindle Fire. I carry it with me so if I'm stuck waiting somewhere I can read.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Dance on Easy Street

Finally, thanks to my friend Gail I am able to post a picture on the blog. For those having the same problem and haven't figured it out yet this is what I did. When you are in new post and click on insert image and that screen comes up over on the left in the upper corner you see Compose  and HTML. Click on html and it will let you get a picture from your computer. When you go back to new post screen click on Compose and your image displays and you can type what you want to say. Why it's become this cumbersome to post an image I don't know, but at least it is now working.
Now the Easy Street part. This is the corner of my Easy Street which is now in a top without borders, but I haven't taken a picture of the whole thing yet. I will get borders on it as soon as it warms up here in Southern Idaho (see header picture). It has been very cold here since Christmas and my quilt room is heated by a heat pump which doesn't work once it gets this cold.
Update: Now have it in top form needs borders.
I am so excited that I can once again post pictures.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

This morning when I looked out the window this is what I saw. The trees sparkled with frost. It has been cold here the last couple of weeks and may get up to freezing by Friday or Saturday.

Also I had an email from Stash Tea Company about their giveaway they have going. If you go to their Facebook page you can enter their giveaway to win tea for a year. The giveaway runs until January 31st one entry per person, but there are other ways listed so you can have more than one entry.

Last night I did Step 7 on the Quiltville Mystery here are the two units we had to do.
This is one of the corner units.
 This is one of the large triangles.
Now I am off to see what is next to do for today.