Thursday, November 1, 2012

It's Been Way to Long Since I Last Posted

It's been to long since I sat down to visit. This is the shed that DH built so I would have some place to put the things I need to go through. Now I will start filling it up and then i can organize the quilt room and have a guest room.

Other happenings were the little bit of canning around here. DH canned lots of green tomatoe relish, and green tomatoes so he can make fried green tomatoes when he gets the urge. He has enough of both to last him for awhile. While he was canning I managed to finish 3 small quilts and get them mailed. They came out nice and I put flannel on the back of all of them.

Now that the weather is cooling off I should be able to be more timely in my posting.


Candace said...

The tomatoes look and sound yummy and the quilts are beautiful. The quilting looks awesome. You and your husband are really busy doing things and improving your home. I am so impressed that you accomplish so much.

Gail said...

I thought I posted yesterday but I guess it didn't work. I'm glad to see you haven't abandoned your blog! :-)