Thursday, November 22, 2012


This is the link for an article published in the Chattanooga News today. Quilts are a part of American History and continue to be part of that history today.  I would refer anyone who would like to know another side of quilting  and  quilters to this survey released on May 20, 2010.

The following is the opening paragraph of the (to me) offensive article.

A quilt museum may seem like an ideal summer vacation destination for the Waltons, Aunt Bee or Ma Ingalls, but quilting fails to hold the interest of most Americans today. Since department stores carry a wide selection of affordable bedding, and special memories can be recorded by photographs and videos rather than by laboring over scraps of cloth, quilts have become largely irrelevant in modern culture.

The author doesn't appear to really know much about quilters or the quilting community. Maybe they don't have a quilter in their family and have never been given a quilt that says I cared enough about you to make something special just for you.

So I'm wondering does anyone besides me feels insulted by this article.


Katherine said...

The op-ed certainly is pretty insulting to quilters and quilt enthusiasts. I was put-off myself...and then I read the comments, and laughed because we certainly are not the only ones to take issue with the author.

On the upside, I now know where there is an amazing quilt museum to visit.

NZ said...

As one of the article's commenters said, "Wow, and not in a good way." Something I think is implied but unsaid in the article is that quilting is of lessor value because it's generally a women's activity. This wouldn't happen to the many sports museums.

Candace said...

Yours is the second blog entry that I've seen on this. I didn't read the article as I knew that it would aggravate me, but I agree with all that you've said about quilting being alive and well. There are a lot of young quilters too, so I think it will continue to be so.