Friday, June 8, 2012

What I've Been Doing

I've been busy in the quilt room working on a couple of quilts and trying to get some knitting done. Squeak always thinks knitting is a group effort. He thinks his job is to chew the yarn in half and if I'm not using it he can play with the ball of yarn and whatever project is attached. The yarn used in these socks is called Frolicking Feet from Done Roving. I purchased it at A Good Yarn Shop in Port Orchard, WA when I was up there in May to visit my son. I really like the self striping yarns. One of my very favorite yarns is called Amazing Yarn from Lion Brand. It knits up really soft. Well, I know this is short, but I need to go get some work done in the quilt room. I am signed up for another Circle of Nine Workshop this coming Wednesday, the 13th of June. Have a good weekend.

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