Thursday, May 24, 2012

Contrary To the Rumor

I know you thought I had dropped of the face of the earth, but that rumor is false. The weather warmed up in Idaho and spring has sprung. We have been making raised bed gardens around the trees, hauling dirt and gravel (mostly dh) and I have been working in the quilt room trying to get some of the small pieces turned into blocks so I have bigger things to lose. I have a couple of quilts to finish making for a customer, a couple of quilts  to quilt for other customers and I need to get back on track with my UFO 2012 challenge.

Dh has spent the last couple of days getting his camper ready to take for his guitar playing weekend in Hammett, ID this weekend.  Once I get a breather in the quilt room I need to make him some new curtains for his windows. Thought I'd make them out of muslin ( unless I can find some chili pepper material) and embroider a guitar on the corner of each of them.

So I'll try to do better at the posting, and keeping things up to date.

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