Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Stolen Quilt

I just heard there has been another quilt go missing. Read all about it here Pass this message on to your friends and quilt groups maybe this one will be found.
On a more cheerful note. Miss Emma is back home and acting much better. I think she is happy to be home, but not to sure how she feels about Squeak.
Well, the big news around here is that I am now an Authorized Accuquilt Dealer and my first order arrived this morning. I am doing a demo for two quilt groups with in the next month. So keeping fingers crossed someone likes the Go as much as I do. It would be a shame if the UPS guy got a hernia for no good reason. lol.


Amanda said...

Best of luck with your new venture. I have a Go, but don't use it as much as I could do, and the extra dies are so expensive here in the UK that I have to think long and hard before buying anything.

Maria said...

See this and other missing quilts on the Lost Quilt website,