Thursday, December 1, 2011

This Week

I'm doing this as a blog post so I catch everyone up at once. This week started out like any other normal week. We had Doctor's appointments in Twin Falls so we went in earl to talk to Verizon because it was time to get new phones. After that we went to the doctor, had some dinner and drove home. We hadn't been home more than a few minutes when we get a phone call from our son's girlfriend saying they are in the emergency room and our son is being admitted. Turns out he has two blood clots one in the lung and one in his left leg. So he has been in the hospital since Monday night on blood thinners and may get to go home on Saturday. We have been in touch but he says he doesn't need us to come to WA there is nothing we can do to change things. So we will wait and see and may go see him in January. In the middle of all this we discover things are not quite what Verizon told us it would be so we take our cell phones back and go back to our local phone company. We now have smart phones that at the moment are smarter than we are but we'll get better. Jumping from one company to the other and back has caused some problems with the home phone. We can call out on it but we can't use our new cell phones to call home, however anyone else can call the home phone and get through. Go figure. Things should calm down around here in the next few days and then maybe I can post some fun stuff. Stay tuned.

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