Monday, December 19, 2011

Squeak Naughty or Nice

Today Squeak has been a real pill. Anything he can climb he does and anything he knows he's not supposed to do he does (more than once). I finally told him it was beginning to look like Santa was going to pass him by - didn't seem to phase him much. While I was in the quilt room this evening trying to get some sewing done in between chasing him to get the pins back he had taken out of the pincushion I found him on top of a 4 shelf stand playing with the chain on the light fixture. When I told him he had to get down he started batting at me. I think he has finaly reached his teenage phase. I sure hope it is a short one. Hope everyone is ready for Christmas.


Amanda said...

Young cats and dogs can be adorable or dreadful can't they. I do hope Squeak manages to stay well behaved for long enough for Santa to call. Though Ruby, our puppy, probably wouldn't mind getting a piece of coal, as she grabs one from the coal bunker every time she gets the chance!

Gail Anderson said...

I can't wait for some snow to fall so that you can post a beautiful snowy picture! Merry Christmas to you, hubby, and the kitties!