Friday, December 30, 2011

Here Comes 2012

Are you ready for 2012? I'm not sure I am but I guess I'd better get ready. I finished off 2011 by making some Christmas presents and just enjoying the sewing room. I made some baked goods also to give but they disappeared so fast I didn't have time to get a picture of them. I had some travel pillows so I made pillow cases for them for the kids across the street. The empty pillow case was for the oldest child who recieved her pillow for her birthday in September. I also tooks some fabric and quilted it to polar fleece for couch blankets for my son but neglected to take a picture before they were sent on their way. I included some pillow cases and I did remember to take a picture of them.
I made some Toasty Toes Socks for the better half he was really good this year he received 3 pair of them. They are made with polar fleece and very nice and warm in the cold weather. I'll have to take a picture of them so you can see them.
It was a great finish to the year and I had a lot of fun doing the sewing. It's been awhile since I could just enjoy sewing because I wanted to.
So what did you get made for yourself or for a gift?


Chocolate Cat said...

You were busy! I didn't get anything made but I do have plans for next year!!!!

Amanda said...

I had to smile at the long list of things you made and forgot to take photographs of - I did the same this year. Best wishes for 2012

Marg said...

I guess I'd better start now for this next Christmas. I need to be retired. ;o) Glad you had fun sewing. Definitely take pictures though. It helps the rest of us to get going on our projects. Love ya!