Sunday, July 31, 2011

End of July Already

Seems like July just started and it's gone already. Yesterday I spent the day in the quilt room ironing and folding fabric trying to get it all put away. I probably could have accomplished more if I hadn't taken Squeak out with me to give the girls a break. He teases and torments them without a break. So he played and had a good time. He played with fabric, hid in the fabric and attacked the fabric I was trying to iron and fold.
When he wore me out with his help I decided to sew a couple more of the 36 patch blocks and use my new sewing machine. I got this machine from a man in Twin Falls, brought it home and cleaned it up. It sew a beautiful stitch. I think the cabinet is the original cabinet. I found the sales reciept in one of the drawers and the lady bought it in 1953. It has been well used and will get some more use around here.
This coming weekend we are going to a quilt and woodworking show in Kuna, ID which is west of Boise. Friends have a machine and cabinet I purchased online and they picked up for me so I could get it when we came up. It is a Singer 301. So I'm looking forward to getting that set up to use also.
Well, guess I'd better get some more fabric put away.


regan said... machines will be popping up all over your place! FUN! Hope the Singer works as well as this one!

Abba is playing right now....I love them!

Candace said...

Your new machine is a beauty, and so is the cabinet. The 36 patches are kind of fun aren't they.

Gail83323 said...

I didn't see this machine when I was in the studio tonight. What a beauty!!!

Chell said...

I am in desperate need of an older Sunbonnet Sue pattern. I am needing to make one without the frills, umbrellas, etc. If you could help me out....I would really appreciate it!!