Saturday, June 25, 2011

Summer's Arrival

Summer has finally arrived in full force. Today was a run errands day. We made a dump trip, went out to breakfast, checked mail, went to get dh a fishing license and a fishing pole and took one of the big truck batteries in to get charged. The big truck has two batteries, but we couldn't get the other one out because of this. They aren't very old and I counted 4 little beaks all sound asleep. Thank goodness Mom didn't come back and see us around her babies.

I am working on a Winning Hands quilt that I'm really liking the look of. It is going to a friend. I also went to the guild workshop on the

15th and had a good time sewing and getting to know some of the ladies in the guild.

I have also been working out in the quilt room getting more fabric unpacked and put on shelves. I'll post before and after pictures of the quilt room soon. I finally found the rest of my Circle Lord designs so I am looking forward to playing with them to learn some new designs. Now if I could just uncover my software for programs. My computer was in the shop again earlier this month and they cleaned it up but said it was on borrowed time. So now I have a new computer with 2 Terrabites of hard drive and 12 gig of memory. Have to get the things I need from the old computer transfered to the new one. So far I am enjoying the new computer just have to learn how to do some things differently. The old computer was an XP and this one is Windows 2007 and Microsoft Office 2010.


Chocolate Cat said...

gosh you have been busy again. I'd love a new computer!!! Have fun playing with it. Glad you didnt disrupt the baby birds.

Candace said...

Adorable little babies, and the quilt is going to be awesome. Your computer sounds like it will hold yours and everyone you knows whole lives, lol. I guess that is 20 gigs.
Sounds like you had a great Fourth.