Thursday, March 24, 2011

Visitors from The Great Salt Lake

Today there were seagulls everywhere. This group spent the whole day in the field next to us - the one they sprayed yesterday. Dh came home and was wondering how they knew to show up Is there a seagull hotline or facebook page did someone tweet to them. He was having a silly afternoon.
We had snow then rain this morning and then it cleared off and we had some sunshine before it started to cloud up again. Tomorrow will be one of those wait 5 minutes and the weather will change days. Think we will go to the movies and watch the Limitless movie. Dh wants to see it I may decide to go watch Rango.


sewmeow said...

Wonderful food for them.

Candace said...

They weren't very welcome in Salt Lake, I hope they don't hurt your farmers. Rango looks like it might be fun, did you enjoy it.

Candace said...

Wait a minute, I have that wrong, it was the locust who were the unwelcome visitors and then the seagulls came and ate the locusts and saved the crops. My apologies to the seagulls.