Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Spring Like Day

Today the temperature made it over 50 degrees here in Rupert. It should be mid 50's most of the day tomorrow before the next cold front gets here tomorrow evening with the thread of thunder showers. It was a lovely day today and just serves to make me want spring right now. Managed to get two blocks put together before I was ready to do Squeak in. She thinks she is supposed to be on the cutting table to help cut, on the sewing table to help sew and play with the iron cord to make ironing as difficult as possible before she unplugs the iron and takes off at light speed when she is yelled at. She can be so annoying, but even so I wouldn't trade her. The older cats, however, would trade her in a second.

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Candace said...

Isn't spring wonderful. When I was younger summer was my favorite, but now give me spring and fall. Squeak sounds like the perfect helper, lol.