Saturday, January 23, 2010

Good Morning

It is a windy, cold day here in Rupert. The sun was out this morning, but it looks like another storm system is headed our way. You may have noticed that I changed the picture on my header. This is what I see out my front window. The mountain is MT. Harrison. We are about 25 miles away so I took the picture with my zoom on my camera.

Dh has been out working on the deck that will run between the house and the quilt room. When it is finished it will have a screened in section, an enclosed part and the front part will be open. I'll try to get pictures of all the stages. This one is what was accomplished before he got to cold to continue. This spring we will be painting the outside of the quilt room and the house. The plan is to paint the quilt room a barn red with white trim and the house a white with red trim. Then we are going to paint a 3' x 3' quilt block to put up on the outside of the quilt room. I've decide to use the Ohio Star Block since it is on my business card.

I want to welcome all the people that are following my blog. Please feel free to leave comments, pose questions if you have them or just say HI when you get the chance.

Last, but not least Rosie Cat has decided that DH is her person. She follows him around, curls up in his chair or at his feet when he is on the computer, and when he watches t.v. she is in his lap soaking up all the attention she can get.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Knit-A-Long with Lyon Brand

Lyon Brand Yarn is having a knit-a-long startin this coming Thursday. I'm planning to try the sweater. Now to find some yarn and do a swatch ahead of time so I am ready to get started. Hope some of you will be joining me in this endeavor and you let me know you are knitting along.

The poll for the Chocolate Cake debate is coming along nicely. Don't forget to leave a comment on the post also when you vote.

Hope wherever you live your weather isn't making life to uncomfortable for you. This picture is the view we had yesterday morning from our living room window. The mountain is called MT Harrison and really stands out with the snow on it. It is about 30 miles from us.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Confessions of the Not So Famous

Here we are in the middle of January already. I know that most blogs host a giveaway when they reach 100 posts and I have passed that milestone. My excuse poor though it is - I was really busy moving. I will be hosting a giveaway, but it will have to wait until the gift I am giving is published and then arrives in my mailbox so I can send it to the winners mailbox. There maybe more than one surprise I am still thinking. So in the meantime I have a question for all of you.

In our family we have an ongoing debate of what is a CHOCOLATE CAKE?
Anita (me) says it is a cake that is chocolate, devil's food etc. with any kind of frosting.
Carl (dh) says it is any cake with a chocolate frosting. That the frosting determines what the cake is.

Needless to say it has created many lively discussions over the years and the family nuclear and extended is divided in their opinions. So what I would like to know is
What do you think is a chocolate cake. Please vote in the poll on the right.

P.S. DH has read the blog and says I have it wrong. He says that when you go to the store and tell the baker by pointing at the cake with the chocolate frosting "I want that chocolate cake", and then you take it home and cut it and you see what the cake is. So he says it could be any cake, but a chocolate cake is the one with the chocolate frosting. The poll has been changed to reflect this new information. We strive to be accurate.