Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas from Squeak

It's been a busy month around here and Squeak (that's me) is really getting into her first Christmas. She's been helping Mom (who is busy working on the mystery quilt over at with her quilting by testing out the quilt top before it is finished. After her nap Squeak said it was okay to get it quilted. After an afternoon spent annoying the older 3 cats Squeak took a minute to enjoy a refreshing drink of buttermilk. (It was Dad's glass, but she just knew he wouldn't mind sharing). Once refreshed it was on to wrapping presents. Who knew tissue paper was so hard to get a grip on and requires constant flattening so it can be used. Once presents were all wrapped it was time to take a nap and what better place than on Dad's lap while he talks on the phone to Auntie Vonda. Squeak's dreaming of next year when they'll put up the Big tree. By then she should be old enough not to tear it to shreads. (She overhead Mom say that was why they had the little tree put up where she couldn't reach it this year). I can hardly wait until New Year's Eve. I'm not sure what happens then, but it should be fun. Merry Christmas everyone.




sewmeow said...

Cats are the greatest, and kittens are even better. They are such good helpers. I'm sure glad Squeak found you.

Chocolate Cat said...

Oh Squeak you have been busy!!! Wishing you and your family a blessed Christmas! Hope Santa visits you!!