Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

Hope everyone is enjoying their turkey and football. Since our Turkey isn't fully thawed we decided to wait and have our turkey dinner tomorrow night when DH gets home from work. We are supposed to get more snow here sometime on Friday and Saturday. We've had quite abit and with the wind it drifted alot. Our driveway is just one drift after another. Dh spent most of yesterday digging it out so he could get the car out and go to work on Friday.

Today Squeak has played with and attacked everything she could get her paws on. She has really grown even though she still looks small. When Dh was getting ready to go to the store Squeak thought she would be helpful so she tried to help Dad tie up his boots. After that work out she decided to rest for awhile on Mom's chair laying on her favorite quilt while she watched How It's Made on TV. Now as the sun is setting in the west Squeak is thinking about how she can chase the older three cats and maybe instead of hissing and growling at her they will come and play with her for awhile. If not she'll just have to annoy Mom and see if she will play some kitten games before bedtime. It's a rough life being the only kitten in the house.


Chocolate Cat said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Gosh Squeak is so cute!!! A real time waster I would imagine!

Candace said...

We went out for Thanksgiving, only 8 of us instead of the usual twenty something. It was kind of nice and cheaper too. Your kitty sounds very helpful and is very cute too.