Friday, October 15, 2010

See What I have Been Up to This Week

I am kitten sitting until the 25th of October. This is a tiny orphan kitten who has to be fed with a dropper. I call her Squeaky because she sure has a set of lungs on her tiny little body. She follows me around while I fix her milk. I have to be extra careful that I don't step on her she is so small. Once her tummy is full she purrs like nobody's business. The other cats are giving her lots of room and if she gets close they run from her.

Dh just sent me this picture I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Not that Meth Labs are funny, but the picture definately is.

I finished the Red & White Panel quilt that was in the machine. I used a shell pattern on it and it really came out nice.

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Jackie said...

She looks so very tiny! I'll bet it will be hard to let her go...