Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Let Christmas Begin

Today my SSCS gift from Liz arrived after it's sightseeing trip. Since I moved this year my old address was the one that was given so the package first went to my old address in WA. Luckily my son is living in our house and checking our mail so I was able to call him and ask if a package from Australia had shown up for me.

He says;" I just got something that says I have to sign for a package."

So I told him he needed to go to the Post Office before he went to work and have the package forwarded on to me at the new address. So on Friday last he makes it to the post office to forward the package. He tells the postal clerk that he has a package he needs to forward to Idaho for his Mom.

Two packages are put on the counter, and the boy being in a hurry to get to work says," What's the matter with Margaret she knows Mom moved to Idaho why is she sending her something here". (He didn't read the address to see that it is addressed to him) So he proceeds to put labels on both packages and sends them off to me. On his way to work he calls me to tell me he has sent two packages on to me.

Two packages, I say. Who are they from?

He replies, "One was an international package and the other one said Merry Christmas from Mike, Margaret and Andrew."

I ask was that one a long, fairly flat red one?

Yes, says he.

I, being the wonderful Mother that I am, say, "Son, you should have read the label. We just got one like that yesterday from Margaret so you just sent us your Christmas present from her. (as I fall in the floor laughing)

He says in horror, : "OH, no I'm a re-gifter!" To top it all off it is sausages and cheese which he loves.

So now my SSCS gift has arrived and here is a picture of my ornament from Liz. Thank you very much Liz I will think of you every year when it goes on the tree.

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Chookyblue...... said...

yippee it arrived.......I am sooo happy....the ornament is beautiful.......