Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Hope your Mother's Day was enjoyable. Mine was very enjoyable. My husband gave me the Fuji S1500 digital camera and some new shirts. My son took me, his girl friend and her mother to the race track for the Mother's Day Brunch and the races. We had a good time learning how things worked and donating our money. I also rec'd a gift card to Joann's.

Earlier this week I quilted a pretty baby quilt that I want to sell on my ETSY site. I still need to put the binding on it. I used a mint green flannel for the back. This was a kit I bought at the quilt shop and it went together really fast.

Earlier this week we purchased medium size cat carriers so that when we head to Idaho next week we can take the cats with us. I left one in the living room on the floor so Emma and Lucy could check it out and get used to it. They spent most of the morning circling it and smelling every inch of it. I need to make a cushion to go in the bottom of each one for them. It will be very interesting to see how they travel. It would be nice if they take to it right off and don't drive me crazy since they all get to ride with me.

Well, it has been a long day so I guess I'd better call it a night. I'll check in from the library while we are gone.

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Chocolate Cat said...

Sounds like a lovely Mothers Day. Mmm I donate quite a bit when I go to the races too!! Luckily I'm the last of the big spenders and only bet the minimum. You'll enjoy using your gift card, great gift. That baby quilt is lovely colors. Good luck with the cats travelling, can't wait to hear how it goes!!