Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

These are a few pictures I have taken the last two days. The stumps make me think of elves with snow hats. The weatherman on T.V. just gave us an interesting fact: The last time the Seattle area had more than a foot of snow on the ground was 1861. So this is going to be a winter for the record books
here in Western WA. Now that we've set a new record I hope we go back to our normal weather of 40's and rain. Never thought I'd miss the rain.
On the other hand I am getting some sewing done and enjoying reading and knitting. I almost have a pair of socks done so as soon as I get them finished I'll post a picture so you can oooh and aaaah over
them. LOL
I hope where ever you are that you are warm and dry and ready for Christmas. This to shall pass (probably not as soon as I would like it to) and spring is just around the corner. Right?

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Amanda said...

Well, the shortest day has passed now here in the UK (21st December, the winter solstice) so in theory we're on our way towards spring. But in practice we usually get our worst weather in January and February. One of these days I'll finish the socks that I'm knitting. Keep warm, and have a very happy and safe Christmas.