Saturday, August 2, 2008

Miss Emma's Day

You've been introduced to Miss Emma in previous posts. So I thought you might like to see how she spend her sunny days. She spends all day usually in the kitchen watching the sun move across the floor and the cupboards throught the skylight. If you walk through the kitchen and pass through a patch of sun she jumps down from the chair and makes all kinds of chirping noises.

This afternoon while Miss Emma was busy I managed to get the borders on a quilt for a customer so tomorrow I will get it quilted. Packing is going well even if it's not as fast as we would like. We will be closing on our new place the end of August and this house should be up for sale and hopefully not on the market tooooooo long. Okay I'm off to eat some chicken and teach my better half the finer points of Sequence Dice.


(^oo^) bad girl (^oo^) said...
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Amanda said...

What a cute cat. My Rosie is black and white too, and loves finding any patch of sun to go to lie in, moving around when the sun moves. She's a great chirrupper too, but mostly when she spots a bird through the window. She's never caught one in her life, but she sounds extremely fierce and threatening!

Cheryl said...

My Rosie prefers my chairs-especially if she thinks I want to sit in them. If I don't move then she'll sit in my lap. She is also a bird and critter watcher. She'll sit in the window and watch the birds and talk to them. She also has her stuffed mice (her babies) that she carries around in her mouth and talks to. But if you make eye contact with her when she's doing it, she'll drop the mouse and wander off as if to say "You didn't catch me doing anything".
Glad to hear things are coming along with the house and that the closing is soon. I know you have worked hard for this!