Friday, July 11, 2008

Freaky Friday

Today was an adventure. We started out this morning to go to Renton, WA to buy a Ryobi Table saw for my husband. We stopped at Taco Bell and my other half left his cell phone in the men's bathroom. Of course, we didn't notice that until we were on our way home. So when we get home I call the Taco Bell and no one had turned in the phone and they couldn't find it in the bathroom. So the next call was to Verizon to cancel that phone and start the process for a new one. Once it arrives next week I get to re-input all his phone numbers or the ones he can remember. What a chore.
On a happier note the tree quilt has been mailed back east to my daughter. Until I can figure out how to convert a pdf file to a jpeg I won't be able to show you the label.
I've discovered that Lyn at Blue Bird Quilts is having a Christmas in July give away. Leave a comment on her blog and you will be entered in the drawing. Have a good weekend all.



Amanda said...

Tell him to check the lining of his pockets! we went to the Roman Baths in Bath on Thursday, and as we finished I went to check the time on my mobile phone and couldn't find it. We asked at the check in desk, but no joy. On the way home I discovered that it had slipped through a hole in the lining of my handbag - hence the suggestion that he check for holes in his pocket linings.

Candace said...

If Amanda's suggestion doesn't work, when you get his phone try putting your sim card in his phone and transferring your numbers to his phone. I don't know if the directions are in the book or not, but I have done that for my numbers when changing the sim. That of course, is if you have a lot of the same numbers. Don't remember exactly how I did it, but I did it and it worked.

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