Sunday, July 13, 2008

Early Morning

I can now show you the label for the quilt in previous posts. My husband has called her "the goomp" all her life and me the "mother unit" which prompted the kids to call him the "father unit". Now you know the history. "The Goomp" has started an online blog to do the family newsletter instead of printing one out and mailing copies to everyone. It has been very popular in the past, but with 3 teenagers and a full time job her time to do that went away. So we are giving this a try. If you like to see what the rest of the family is up to check out the Owen Newsletter listed here on the My Blog List section. If you do let me know how you like it, better yet let Margaret know how you like it. Now you've seen pictures in the past of Emma and Lucy here is a picture of Rosie my outdoor cat who is a terrific mouser. Off to bed now.

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Candace said...

Very cute label. Love the family lore.