Saturday, June 28, 2008


Last time I posted I showed pictures of the quilts I had made for graduation gifts. Well, I thought they were lost because they hadn't shown up at their destination. Monday I had planned to go to the post office and file a claim to be reimbursed. This morning my daughter called and said guess what they showed up today. Boy am I relieved. I was really upset thinking those two quilts were who knew where.

Carl is in Idaho talking to people to get some bids on work to be done on our property so we can build once this place sells. While he's there we have made an offer on a 3 acre piece - we should know by the end of July if it is ours. Last week he played in a Texas Hold em game and won a seat to play today for a chance at one of the $10,000.00 seats in the Las Vegas game for a million dollars. It's a little hard to type when your fingers are crossed.

The tree quilt in my last post has been quilted and bound ready for a label. I quilted it using the blowing leaves pattern. It came out very nice. My husband never picks an easy pattern to piece. This is his second quilt so I'm wondering if he will do a third one and how long it will take for that one to be finished. Okay enough for today.


Candace said...

I'm glad your quilts weren't lost. There is so much time and effort and love in a quilt, the insurance money just doesn't cover it. Sounds like your move to Idaho is moving along. The tree quilt is very nice. I love homey quilts like that, and the quilting looks great.

Quilt Taffy said...

Hi Anita,
Where in Idaho are you moving? (I'm in the west, my sister is in the east.) Your blog looks great. You asked about my store, it's an online store, located in our home. Take care, Corrie