Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th

Contrary to popular belief Friday the 13th is a good day for me. I purchased a Singer 301 on ebay and today FedEx brought it to my door. This is a picture of my new baby. She sews, needs oil and cleaning. She also came with the book and accessories. Can't wait to piece something on her. The other thing I have been busy with this week is a quilt for my daughter. My husband decided in 1992 that he wanted to make this quilt so he bought the pattern and the material for the top. About 10 years later he got it pieced and finally this week I put the borders on it and made the back. It will get quilted and bound this weekend and in the mail next week. This is his second quilt. One of these days he may make #3. He's said he will make a table for the 301 for me. I hope those of you in the midwest are staying dry and not in the middle of a tornado. It makes our cold rainy spring here in the Northwest seem not so bad- even though I am really ready for the sunshine.


Nann said...

Congratulations on your 301! It's the same color/style as mine--a super machine that keeps sewing and sewing and sewing. Happy stitching!

Carolyn said...

congrats on your 301
i have a black one
just love the sleek 'art deco' look of these machines and they are wonderful workhorses

Julie said...

Have fun with it. I LOVE my 301. I found it on the front porch of a house in its original cabinet. Talk about lucky!! The owner sold it to me for $60! It is every bit as good (maybe better) than my Pfaff.

Quiltingfool said...

I had a mocha 301 and my friend sewed on it and had to have it, so I bought a beautiful black one. Gorgeous straight stitch and lovely machine.
Good luck

Jeanne said...

You will love your 301! It is the big sister of the featherweight and sews a beautiful seam.