Thursday, May 15, 2008

Newest Project

Here is a picture of my finished sweater. I took a class in Silverdale, at Linda's Knit and Stitch and finished the sweater the end of April. I have worn it a couple of times and it is very comfortable and warm. I'd like to make another one, maybe this time I'd add a cable or two. This is a picture of the first sweater I knitted while we were stationed in Iceland in (1970-74). I made it for my husband, but he doesn't wear sweaters so I wore it a few times -most of the time it is in a drawer. This was the first thing I ever knitted. Maybe this fall I'll try another sweater. I think next I will try some socks.

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Amanda said...

I do admire people who can knit and finish things. I can manage a bit of plain and purl but tend to get bored before finishing anything. When we were first married I decided to knit a jumper for my husband. I started early enough, but then a baby came along. I couldn't afford to buy him anything so he got a lovely parcel of sleeves and fronts and knitting wool and needles! I did finish it eventually though. I've come across a lot of blogs where people make socks, so you're in good company.