Sunday, April 20, 2008

Good Morning

While I am trying to post a message "Emma the Ornery" is acting like a two year old. She wants to be held and I told her no because I can't type and hold her at the same time. There is nothing quite like a cat bent on getting her own way.

I finished the Baby Quilt I was making for a customer. It is in the dryer and will be in the mail tomorrow morning. It came out really nice and I'm thinking of making another one a little larger as a lap quilt. I may even practice some fancy quilting on it if I get brave enough. This isn't the best picture. I quilted it with the clamshell pattern. Today is a piecing day I'm stealing the time to do some sewing I should really be sorting out paperwork and getting some packing done. Off to sew for awhile.


Amanda said...

It's almost impossible to say 'no' to a determined cat isn't it? Your cat looks so like my last cat Sasha, I'm sure black cats are special.

Cheryl said...

I think it must be the weather. Rosie has been haunting my lap as well the last couple of days. This morning though she has chosen to sit on my sewing machine.
The baby quilt turned out really nice. I am in the process of pressing the 320 hst's for the one I'm working on.
Hope to see you on Wed.

Candace said...

Your baby quilt is beautiful. I usually prefer a lot of colors, but the colors of the quilt are perfect. I'm sure your clamshells added to it too, but I can't see them in my little picture.