Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Rain, Rain Go Away

The excitement never ends around here. We have broken all records for rainfall. Saturday it snowed and Sunday the wind started with the rain. By Sunday morning when I went to the airport to pick up Carl the snow was melting away. Later Sunday evening the wind began to get stronger and durning the night we lost power twice. Monday morning when we got up the power was still off so we decided to go to the pancake house in Port Orchard for breakfast. We get to Port Orchard and the traffic is at a stand still and the road to the Pancake House is closed off. Seems there is a large sinkhole across the street from the Pancake House. So we decide to try Denny's in West Bremerton. Can't get off the freeway traffic is backed up onto the freeway. So we proceed on to Silverdale where we end up at Olive Garden having soup and salad. We leave there and go to Costco for gas and then on to my sister's house. We visit and watch t.v. until about 10pm and decide that we should try to make it home because Carl has jury duty at 9am this morning. So with bated breath we head home. Roads are clear except for one spot in Gorst where the water is still running quite strong across the highway. Thankfully when we arrived home the power was once again on. It is so nice to be home and to sleep in our own bed. How spoiled we have become.


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