Thursday, December 20, 2007

Countdown to Christmas

Well, I finally quit stalling and put up the Christmas Tree tonight. So tomorrow I will have to get the borders on the customer quilt and get it in the machine to quilt so she will have it in time to give to her mother for Christmas. Every year I say "I'm not quilting after Thanksgiving unless it is something for me", and every year here I am last minute for someone else. Who says you get smarter with age.

I've finished a knitted scarf for my nephew, and have to get the pockets on the Reading Wrap I knitted for my sister and finish the scarf I am making for Kevin's ( the nephew) girlfriend. The only one I have nothing for is Richard he may end up with a gift card. I need another week - so what else is new.
The angel on top of the tree we purchased our second Christmas which was our first Christmas together in Long Beach, CA. Our first Christmas I was in D.C. working for Northwest Airlines while Carl was in Memphis going to A school and we were to poor for me to travel to Memphis to see him. I think in our 41 years of marriage we've only been apart 2 times which isn't bad for a military family. I'm hoping in the next couple of years Margaret and her family and Kyle will all be with us for Christmas. Well, I'm off to figure out borders for the customer quilt. Sweet dreams all.

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Cheryl said...

Ok- it is Dec 24 and it is 11:06pm. I am counting down the minutes until Santa arrives... if I can stay awake that long!! The packages are wrapped and under the tree- (the mini tree), Rosie our cat has examined the ribbons and paper. Arabella (another cat) wrapped George (the dog) in ribbon tonight! What a sight that was!
I've talked to both girls- they are having the manicotti we sent them for Christmas. They were pleased. We deep fried a turkey tonight and it turned out wonderful. We will do leftovers tomorrow. No cooking after breakfast!!

Have a wonderful Christmas and I hope to see you on Wed.