Monday, November 5, 2007


Was up late finishing a quilt for a customer. Quilting is getting busier with Christmas upon us. Of course, both cats wanted to help put the binding on the quilt and they are always more than ready to help with the knitting. Emma and Lucy, her sister, are two kittens I rescued from taking a trip to the pound. Both wild when they arrived. Lucy was the first to decide I must not be to bad I always provide food. Once Emma saw Lucy soaking up the attention she decided to give it a try and over the last 5 years they have become firmly placed in the family. My husband is not a cat lover, (make that wasn't) but that doesn't faze Emma. She just demanded that she be noticed and slowly over time she has become Daddy's kitty. I'll try to get pictures of them that will post. Emma is black and white so she shows up. Lucy is all black with green eyes and so far the pictures of her would be hard to see if it wasn't for her eyes. She is camera shy.

Well, the chef (my better half) had fixed something to eat so I must go. Since he retired the end of April he has pretty much taken over the kitchen. Thank goodness he can cook.

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