Sunday, November 25, 2007

Under the Weather

Here it is almost the end of November already. My last week has been spent not doing all the things I had planned to get done, but being down with a sinus infection. I finally went to the doctor yesterday and got some medicine so I can start getting better. In spite of that I did manage to cook a lovely Thanksgiving dinner and we had a good time. My sister and her family came to dinner with Kyle and I and after dinner while everyone else slept off dinner Janet and I managed to play a couple of games of scrabble.

After nap time we all played the Sequence board game guys against the girls and then we played a game Janet brought with her. We all had a good time and good food. (So I'm told - I couldn't smell or taste anything). Looking forward to Christmas when we get together at Janet's and I am feeling better. Then the guys had better look out in the game playing. Well, I'm off to the knitting group and then to help Janet pack up her booth at Winterfest. Talk to you later.


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