Friday, March 1, 2013

A Very Handy Gadget

Before with no additional lighting
I've always wished that the lights on our sewing machines were in front of the needle so I could see better when I was sewing especially at night or on dark fabrics. Last year I saw some lights here that could be added to your sewing machine and give you loads more light to see by.

After  and no additonal lighting

What I really like about these lights is the fact that you buy a complete set and then if you are like me and you have more than one machine you can buy additional lights for the other machines. The light comes in two parts
1. the part that attaches to your machine
2. the cord that can be moved to whatever machine you need to use and connected to the lights on that machine.

So not only is it less expensive after the first complete set to add lights to you other machines, you can also get different sizes for your different machines. On my Pfaff 2140 pictured above I purchase the set that has 4 lights, but you can also get a set with 3 lights if your throat space is smaller. These are LED lights and they have really helped sewing to be enjoyable again especially at night and at workshops where lighting isn't always the best.

P.S. They also have a set for your longarm machine if you are needing some more light on it.


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Gail said...

I will go check it out. We can always use more light on our projects!