Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UFO for February

Well, I didn't quite get my February UFO done by the end of the month, but it will be done by tomorrow. It is in the machine partially quilted. I will finish the quilting in the morning and put the binding on during my knitting group tomorrow evening. I must admit that when my Accuquilt order arrived I was side tracked somewhat so next month I should be able to get done on time. I have to admit that I really like my GO it is quite addicting.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I have been knitting a sweater for myself using the new Lion Brand Amazing yarn. I can tell you that it is amazing, soft, self-striping and a joy to knit with. I'm using the Glacier Bay colorway. My husband even likes it. The colors are soft and muted and I find myself wanting to keep knitting to see what comes next even when I have trouble keeping my eyes open. The picture is what I have done so far. The yarn is 53% wool, 47% acrylic with a 147 yds per skein. They suggest using a size 9 knitting needle, but I like how it felt with a size 8 which is what I'm using for the sweater. I've ordered 3 other colorways to make some shawls with and I may use the size 9 with them. Has anyone else used this yarn and how did you like it?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Spring Home & Garden Show

This weekend is the Home & Garden Show in Twin Falls. This planter was in a nice booth. Everything was made with cedar and very nicely done. We bought a planter box that I am planning on using for strawberries this year. This was a nice idea to be able to plant things without getting down on the ground. Dh says he can probably build me something that will work. I don't do well getting down on the ground anymore.
It was a cold and windy day here in Southern Idaho with touches of snow. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow and alittle warmer. I am ready for spring anytime. Well, guess I'll go knit for awhile and see how much I can get done.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Stolen Quilt

I just heard there has been another quilt go missing. Read all about it here Pass this message on to your friends and quilt groups maybe this one will be found.
On a more cheerful note. Miss Emma is back home and acting much better. I think she is happy to be home, but not to sure how she feels about Squeak.
Well, the big news around here is that I am now an Authorized Accuquilt Dealer and my first order arrived this morning. I am doing a demo for two quilt groups with in the next month. So keeping fingers crossed someone likes the Go as much as I do. It would be a shame if the UPS guy got a hernia for no good reason. lol.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Miss Emma

I had to take Miss Emma to the vet yesterday. She has been having a reaction to something. She couldn't keep anything down and was spitting up every time she drank any water and hadn't eaten anything for about 3 days. The vet kept her overnight last night and will keep her again tonight. He has put her on an IV to get some fluids back into her and she didn't spit up last night so now he has to get her to eat and keep it down. Hopefully she will get to come home tomorrow. Funny how much you miss the cat when she isn't feeling well and is not home.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Squeak's on the Shelf

Spring must not be to far away. Squeak has been full of it for the last week. Every morning he gets out of the kennel, stretches, eats two or three pieces of food, stretches again and then does his "King of theJungle" strut into the living room to see who is available to play. When he is finished annoying everything breathing in sight he comes over to check and see if I'd like to be chewed on. Sometimes he climbs his stand and you can hear his very loud sigh kind of like poor me I'm so bored. He's discovered an empty shelf in a stand that holds various odds and ends and he loves to hide in there. He reminds me of a spider in the web just waiting for something to come along.

January UFO

This year I joined the UFO Challenge over at Patchwork Times and this was #5 on the list. A kit for a baby quilt from Connecting Threads which I quilted using the Circle Lord Clam Shells. It's a cheerful quilt and will be heading off to Colorado as a gift. If you want to see more finished UFO's for January you can find them here . So on to February and to finish #1 on my list.