Friday, July 22, 2011

Happy Friday

I've been meaning to post all week and keep getting side tracked. Dh found himself a pop-up camper he can use for his music weekends, fishing and camping. We went to pick it up on Monday to bring it home. It's in very good shape for an older camper. We learned how to take it down and how to set it up before we left.

Then I finished a second green and brown double irish chain quilt. It needs a label and a binding and then it will be going to the grandson as his graduation present.

Went today and bought some cherries from a lady who has a tree loaded with them. They are very good. I'm thinking I might go back and buy some more to freeze to make pies with. Dh says he is making chicken salad tonight so I bought some tortillas so we can have a wrap. Have to go now and find something to wipe up the drool. Later.


Jackie said...

The quilting on the Irish chain is the swirls!

The camper looks like it's in great shape! I always had dreams of having one of them when my kids were small. It just wasn't affordable for us then. Now I don't see where we'd have the time to do weekend camping I envisioned then. It would be a great way to see some of the country.

Jill said...

whoa ho ho, love the trailer. BJ was asking me if you guys had bought onerecently, due to it
's sudden appearance in your yard. The quilt is beautiful, truly amazing.

Candace said...

I love your camper, maybe you can use it some, too. I'll bet that your grandson loves his quilt, it's a beauty.