Sunday, April 17, 2011

Popping in Again

You've probably been wondering where I've been. Well, I've been trying to sew, stay warm and get taxes done. In the last three weeks we have had one storm system after another pass through and a couple of them have left views like this: While the weather was being difficult I did get the red and white 9 patch snowball quilt done using the spirals template from Circle Lord. Yesterday we drove up to Mt. Home to look at 4 wheel drive Jeeps. Dh was wanting something with 4 wheel drive so he ended up getting a 2005 Jeep Liberty. It's a nice small vehicle and gets 20 to 24 miles to the gallon. After Dh was done with the car business we went on to Boise to visit some friends and I was lucky enough to work in a visit to The Quilt Crossing and KnitWits both very nice and a must for a return visit. This morning we had pancakes for breakfast and Squeak being the spoiled baby that he is had to have some also. In the midst of all this we recieved a post card from the vet telling us that it was time to bring in Squeak to be spayed. I drop Squeak off and by the time I return home the vet has left a message on the machine. I return the call and the Vet says,"Did you know that Squeak is MALE??? MALE says I in shock. MY SQUEAK is MALE?? Yes, says they - Do you want him neutered? "Of course, says I then I hang up the phone. Squeak has been in to see the vet before this so how come the vet didn't know Squeak was male, and the place I left him overnight while we were gone once never said anything about him being male so how was I supposed to know this? It's been real interesting learning to say him instead of her when referring to "Studly" Squeak. It does however, explain Squeak's P & V attitude.


Charlene S said...

It is hard with cats even for vets.

quiltmom said...

Your Squeak story is too funny- good thing you hadn't given him a feminine name - Don't you love how pets continue to give us surprises- Your photo is very cute of him guarding his dish- Our dog Dusty likes to guard her dish too- it always makes us laugh.
The quilt is really lovely.

Jill said...

Congrats on the new vehicle, if you want to try out some off-roading in it, you're welcome to come drive down our driveway. ;) Love the quilt, I'm very partial to red and white.

Chocolate Cat said...

Sorry I did giggle!!! My daughters cat was called Sally Rose until his name needed to be changed to Martin!!! At least with Squeak 'he' can keep his name!!